Live Chat Canceled

GenJ Live Chat has been Canceled. Our next meeting is next Thursday, June 3rd, noon - 2 pm.

Stay tuned for details!

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Next Meeting: Lunch with Lawson

Our next meeting is coming up fast! Here's what on tap:

First we'll have lunch and hear from our members who have researched Indiana Planned Parenthood. Some of the topics are: how PP obtains state funding, how Life Centers compare to Planned Parenthood Clinics, and much more!

Then at 1 p.m. State Majority Floor Leader (and our Senator) Connie Lawson will speak to us about the legislative achievements of the pass session. We'll also get a chance to ask about her stance on the state defunding of Indiana Planned Parenthood.

The meeting is being held noon-2 p.m. this Thursday at Bread of Life Ministries. For directions check the Google map on the right.

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Tax Day Tea Party Rally

GenJ Hendricks is going to the Indianapolis Tax Day Tea Party this Thursday. We'll leave for Downtown right after the Actually Live Chat. The Rally will be held 5-6:30 p.m. on the exterior west side of the State House. Check out the Indianapolis Tea Party Website for more information.

Are you with us?

Front Page News

Our club's last meeting featuring Indiana Secretary of State and U.S. Congressional Candidate Todd Rokita made it to the front page of the Hendricks County Flyer.

Read the article online here.

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Pictures from the 2010 March for Life

Here are a couple photos from the 2010 March for life.

March for Life 2010

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March for Life Event Update

Following are the specifics of our upcoming trip to D.C.:

Thursday, January 21st - 6 p.m.: depart from Advent Lutheran Church, Zionsville, IN.

Friday, January 22nd

Early morning:
arrive at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Virgina for a pre-march service.

Morning/Afternoon - Next we will travel to the National Mall via metro for the 2010 March for Life.

Night - We will spend the night in "host homes" (arranged by LFL and Immanuel Lutheran Church).

Saturday, January 23rd - morning: Head back to Indianapolis, arriving late in the day.

If you have any questions please contact me.

As far as I know we have eight open seats. If you would like to attend please contact me.

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March for Life 2010 - Limited Time Offer!

The March for Life is a Pro-Life rally held on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's infamous decision known as Roe v Wade. You can read about their founding and much more on their website. Here's a teaser:"Late in October 1973, grassroots prolife leaders became concerned that January 22, 1974, might come and go without properly memorializing the Supreme Court's infamous abortion decisions...No established right-to-life organization was prepared to undertake the planning, financial and operational responsibilities for a high impact prolife March on the U.S. Capitol. But, grassroots prolifers wanted to march!"
We are planning to attend the 2010 March for Life, which is being held on Thursday and Friday, January 21st and 22nd. Travel to Washington is provided by bus on a first come first serve basis. So the quicker you respond the better.

As you can tell there are many more details to iron out, so check back often for updates.

We only have room for a few more on the bus. Check back for more details soon.

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The October Meeting - "What does God say about abortion?"

The next GenJ Club meeting will be here before you know it. In fact it's a little less than twenty-four hours from now. We'll be meeting 1-3 at the Panera Bread in Avon (see left sidebar for details). This meeting will be more of a discussion than a formal meeting. Please bring your Bible and computer and be ready to discover what God says concerning abortion.

September Meeting -- The Personal Side of the Abortion Debate

Our featured speaker Machelle Montgomery, a woman who lived through the guilt and heartache of an abortion, will share her powerful and moving story. Today, the grace of God allows her to overcome the trauma of abortion and empowers her to help other women (and men) affected by this “choice.” Join us for the account of a woman changed by the love of God, Who alone can take something "intended to harm, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." (Genesis 50:20)

Special speaker: Kimberly Lowery, HBHE student and first place winner in the Indiana Right to Life contest, presents the speech she will deliver at the Annual Indiana Right to Life Fall Banquet on September 15th.

This special event is sponsored by the students of our local Generation Joshua Club, kicking off a year of involvement in Right to Life (R2L) issues. During the upcoming school year our group will study R2L issues, tackling topics relevant to students such as what actually occurs during an abortion. During the 2010 Indiana Legislative Session our GenJ club will focus on bills and legislation relating to the right to life.

Speaker Bio for the Month of April

Dwayne Sawyer is a Systems Integration Analyst at Roche Diagnostics in Indianapolis. Dwayne is a graduate of Purdue University and lives in Brownsburg. His career in Information Technology has enabled him to travel coat-to-coast and overseas managing project teams that delivered technology solutions for clients. His initial foray into politics started in Marion County as a campaign manager for a US House Representative seat race. His political involvement continues locally in Hendricks County and as a member and Treasurer of the Hendricks County Young Republicans. Dwayne also serves as the newest member of the Brownsburg Town Council.

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Must See TV

Hello GenJ members. R0b3rt R. here. In light of our next meeting’s discussion topic, I thought viewing this Fox News TV special would be appropriate.

Fox News just released a special entitled “Escape from Hamas.” The special focuses on Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founding member of Hamas, who rejects Hamas and Islam in favor of Christianity. You can see the show here. Fox News hasn’t posted the special on its Hulu account yet but when they do it will be preferable to view it there.

R0b3rt R.

Current Events Update: Actions and Attitudes

Action: How did the people vote? Take a look to see why, when so few Indiana counties were blue, the state turned blue.

Attitudes: What kind of attitude did President Elect Obama take to Washington four years ago? How did it affect the election? A recent article by Bill Sammon highlights some of Obama's first meeting with President Bush.

Attitude: How will Obama's interpretation of America and its recent past influence his presidency? While Obama has been an exceedingly liberal senator, he has run his campaign as a moderate using buzzwords such as "hope" and "change." However, in his victory speech Obama seemed to some to be speaking about our nation with a negative attitude. Do we know what his real attitude is?